Create a climate for change

Evergrow helps companies thrive by empowering their people to change the world. We’ve created a revolutionary AI-powered personalized employee engagement platform that recognizes employee’s best work with the world’s coolest rewards. Evergrow also helps work environments transform the global environment by funding native tree planting with every action.


The only all-in-one AI-powered engagement app

Intuitive performance recognition engine

AI-personalized rewards

AI-personalized savings

Activity & wellness tracking

Training & feedback participation

Evergrow community and tree planting tracker

Instant launch and API automated client data onboarding


Recognition + Rewards + Savings + Climate Action

Recognize and motivate great work by sending quick peer, team and manager awards right from the dashboard. Redeem awards for amazing merchandise, gift cards and travel experiences from the world’s best loved brands. Get instant, points-free daily deals at local restaurants, attractions and popular retail stores. Create real change with every employee action funding tree planting and forest conservation around the globe.


Helping solve the world’s most urgent crisis

With climate change impacting every business, and on every employee’s mind, Evergrow has created an innovative new funding model that directly connects employee action to tree planting and forest conservation. Give a colleague an award, redeem points for a reward, achieve a wellness goal… every action funds a new tree on a member’s dashboard. And when a member gets a new tree, the planet gets one too - as we fund one of our environmental partners to plant a tree for Evergrow.

Our Projects

We partner directly with tree planting organizations, like Eden Reforestation Projects, to plant and sustain healthy forests around the globe. Local projects create local jobs, which creates sustainable development and growth where it’s most needed.







The Evergrow opportunity

We’re building a new way to make work more meaningful, and your impact more powerful. Evergrow’s dual workplace and environmental benefit makes for a powerful sales proposition. Learn more about how you, as an Evergrow partner, can help change employee engagement and grow an extraordinary recurring income in this video.

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